Bonded Logistics in Singapore Close and Move to Indonesia

The Government has issued a policy package II on Bonded Logistics Central (BLC) area. This facility aims to support the distribution of logistics cheap and efficient, support the growth of domestic industry, and make Indonesia as the hub of logistics Asia Pacific.

According to the records of Directorate General of Customs, until now the number of BLC in Indonesia continues to increase. The business world also welcomes this government program to improve production cost efficiency.

"There are currently 34 companies now," said Director General of Customs Heru Pambudi at the Directorate General of Customs Office, Jakarta.

According to Heru, until now there is a great interest from the business world to build and utilize PLB. In fact, there are some companies that close BLC in Singapore and transfer it to Indonesia.

"We see there is a significant increase, especially must go to the BLC.There are some BLC closed the warehouse in Singapore and move to several locations in Indonesia," he said.
It is expected that this BLC will continue to grow in Indonesia. Each province is expected to have BLC to provide cost efficiency logistics in Indonesia.