Members of the Police Force Were Shot While Protecting Logistics

Protection to deliver logistics to repeat voting incident of shooting of police officers in Mulanikime District. Puncak Jaya District. This is explained by Irjen Pol Boy Amar "there is a member who keeps logistic delivery to Mulanikime District was shot, but no casualties," he added.

Irjen Pol Boy Amran explained that the shooting implicate 20 polri members while passing through the road to the district. But this situation is still safe even though there are incidents of joint attack between supporters. The result of the meeting between KPU Papua, Bawaslu, and both candidate pairs still in later by the community.

Ex Kadiv Humas Mabes Polri continued "determination of continuation repeat voting process in yamoneri area from meeting result scheduled today in city." He said. As many 6 districts in 72 TPS with 31,240 DPT doing in Puncak Jaya district. Dagai, Lumo Yamoneri, Mulanikime, Ilamburawi and Yambi are 6 districts that will do repeat voting.