Asperindo Expands Wings By Establishing New E-commerce Logistic Company

The advent of e-commerce as a courier service and logistics with technology in Indonesia does not make the Association of Exspress Postal Shipping Companies and Logistics Indonesia (Asperindo) afraid.

Chairman of DPP Asperindo, M. Feriadi Revealed to the entrepreneurs of the logistics services industry in the digital era today is no longer able to match the technology.

"Because of this, you will make new friends direct  expansion as a collaborator strategy," he said.

According to him in Indonesia there needs to be strict legal regulations for logistics entrepreneurs and foreign couriers. He advised that new courier services should have a valid business license and a courier license.

We are actually ready to cooperate with anyone but must be in accordance with the terms and conditions by having permission according to the postal UU regulated by Kemenkeminfo [Ministry of Communication and Informatics],". Said Feriadi.

Startup companies in southeast asia have technology such as Skootar, Sendit, and Giztix are expected to expand in Indonesia this year.

Feriadi continued, courier service competition is not the main problem threatening asperindo. He is optimistic that e-commerce will not damage the existing company's income but e-commerce will definitely make the increasing of courier service business and logistic.

However, the high cost of Sura Air Charge and also the high cost of inspection agents or regulated agents is a problem for e-commerce. Feriadi wants advice from Asperindo to be able to arrange inspection agents from government and not private, in order to be accommodated by the government.

Because if the private sector can be profit oriented, price is high. If the set government more clearly prioritizes service guarantee, not prioritize profit, "he said.

His opinion has been submitted Asperindo to get into the package of deregulation XV which focuses on deregulation of the logistics industry.