If the Cost of Logistics Expensive, Luhut want Rina Fired Pelindo Boss

The Broken of the logistics system at the port made the minister of maritime field coordinator angry. Pandjaitan want, the minister of State-owned enterprises (SOEs) Rini Soemamo to dismiss the port operator boss in Indonesia, the Pelindo.

This is not without reason, Luhut reasoned that the high cost of logistics in the international port is still high today. He added, dwelling time or unloading in Tanjung Priok has been reduced to three days.

But he believes the cost is still too high. “Dwelling time was successfully reduced to 3 days. But I am still not happy. Because after we check the price is still high.” He said in the building DPR/MPR RI Jakarta.

Estimates, he predicted with the decrease of dwelling time, then logistic costs also decreased. In fact, the cost is still the same, with dwelling time down, but logistics costs are still the same and all stakeholders who can still enjoy it.

“So, they do not dare to come out of the comfort zone, he chooses Disorder there so can be all sorts. "Said Luhut.

Therefore this ex Menkopolhukam demands that the price of this fee can be cut. Because, the current inefficiency reached Rp 720 trillion. "So I have said Mrs. Rini, if (port operators) all kinds of change, We have to make choice," he added.