Logistics Transport With Electric Power Ready For Production Ford & Deutsche Post

Currently every media and community knows there are two companies that have been successful with design and products of little vans without StreetScooter emissions. Now, they are beginning to understand their partnerships by raft larger ford based transit vans.

The production plan will be produced in July 2017, and about 2500 electric transport  before the end of 2018 are ready to assist in the delivery of mail and logistics in city.

It is estimated that transport  with medium size delivery can be the largest battery- Electricity manufacturing in Europe.

A member of the executive Deutsche Post AG, Jurgen Gerdes explains "I consider that this partnership is an important motivation for electro mobility in germany". He added.

This resolution explains that Deutsche Post is the leader innovation. This resolution will facilitate delivery in the city and improve the quality of life of the community. We will always do logistics work without using carbon emissions! ", He added.