Industrial Special Trains Need to be Provided by Government as they are Bound by the Logistics Regul

The XV part policy package was launched by the government and focused on providing facilities for people who want to have business in logistic services or logistics support services. Regulations in the logistics sector there will be some packages. The determination by the Indonesian National Singel Window (NISW) will be adjusted by the government in gradually.

An asset management econom, Lana Soelistianingsih wants this policy package to have a positive impact on all sections. any government and for logistic cost cuts. However, to be able to implement this package should think of several things. "At the level for this policy is good, but how will it be implemented," said Lana.

Lana added that the supporting infrastructure is one that needs to be attention, especially in logistics sector. "For example there are companies that import from Tanjung Priok, and the goods are brought to Tangerang, how long, it can be half a day if the trip is not jammed," he added. To support this, the government should review and provide supporting facilities, particularly transportation. Train is an efficient transportation. So, the package can be directly used by groups of entrepreneurs. "Using the train will not be jammed, so there must be transportation from the port to the industrial center". She close.

The package provided has several benefits, namely to provide opportunities to shipping businessmen, marine insurance, and maintenance of national vessels. With this package, the government wants logistics companies to compete with logistics companies overseas and Can make Indonesia National Single Window better.