Susi Air plane That brings Logistics and Letter of Sound Selection Shot

Armed Criminal Groups are reported to have successfully  fire on a Air Susi plane carrying the logistics of Voting papers in the Luma District. After this news was written. The police can not know who and which group should be responsible for this incident. But, no fatalities in this incident.

Kabid Humas Polda Papua Kombes Pol. A.M. Kamal explained "the plane started in the shootout during takeoff that will deliver the logistics of the voting result, his shot was successful about the fuselage such as the aircraft tires and the back of the hull of the plane." He added.

Further, he said the plane that plans to takeoff to the Mulia, Capital City of the Puncak Jaya carrying the logistics of the revoting results did not going.

"The plan to bring logistics is two times a flight, but, because of this incident the plane does not fly." He explained. He also explained there were no casualties or injuries in the shooting incident.

While members who take the logistics and passenger plane of 9 or 10 people also no one become victim shooting, and logistics have also been safe at the airport office around. " he closed.

"He said, until now, it still has not received instructions or more information about the next plan.