Indonesia Bonded Logistics Center Increases 300% in a Year

It’s already a year passed Bonded Logistics Center was built, this time government plays an important role in the construction of PLB. PLB present to invited Indonesia to be able to compete in the logistics industry. In the economic policy of Indonesia has not had a reputation to build a logistics area.

PLB builds on successful value, according to Sri Mulyani Indrawati, to date the number of PLB in Indonesia has experienced rapid growth. Means, the business world to respond both the development of this PLB and believe in the future PLB will talk a lot on the logistics industry.

"This is a very fast progress in a year, from 12 to 34 and in 42 locations increase by more than 300% . I asked the Directorate General of Customs to continue guarding the process of development of the PLB, a homework of the Directorate General of Customs to improve the policies and servants Which is given to PLB entrepreneurs, "he said at the Office of the Directorate General of Customs, Jakarta.

Ani familiar call from Sri Mulyani, logistics costs in Indonesia is quite high, about 26% of the cost of logistics production. Indonesia managed to leave neighboring countries like Vietnam and Malaysia which can only reach in the range of 13% -15%. With the continuous development of PLB logistics, is expected to further cut logistics costs in Indonesia.

"So for us to reduce logistics costs it becomes a necessity, the company becomes competitive, and society can be expected to gain profit in the form of goods of good quality and the price is much cheaper," he said.

Plans for PLB to grow, Sri Mulyani wants the government to try to present PLB in every region in Indonesia, and can provide convenience for the business world.

It is expected that this PLB will have a positive impact on the Indonesian economy. In the long term, Indonesia is also expected to become line an Asia Pacific logistics.

"Of course we hope to make PLB much more attractive than our neighboring countries, and combined with Indonesia's economy grows high enough, big market, PLB appeal will be much bigger, I am sure if improve from policy, service and certainty. Surely Indonesia has great potential to become a line Asia Pacific through PLB, "he concluded.