KAI Looking for Opportunities, Benefits of Logistics Services with Digital Systems

When in the era of technology that has been very developed now, PT KAI has made changes to any shortcomings, while still using steam powered trains and is now using electricity. To optimize its services, KAI also plans to use a digital system to monitor the delivery of goods.

Kuncoro Wibowo who served as director of PT KAI said, using a digital system target to logistics services can be optimized and maximized from the previous, and get information delivery easy.

Later the application of digital systems in PT KAI will be made equal to the ticketing process of passenger trains in general. Targeted in 2018 the digital implementation of this freight train will be created. "It follows the passenger ticketing system, the application is already, just developing the existing one. We have a road map until 2018." Kuncoro said.

The implementation of digital systems in PT KAI can be estimated from now, percentage of 60 percent to carry goods, and 40 percent is from passenger transport. Information delivery of goods as a source of forecast, and is expected to increase logistics activities each year.

"volume of transporting goods is quite large, next year 60 percent (cargo) is in freight transport, after everything will be related to entrepreneurs, will easily access the market in KAI." he said.