Toll Not Very Useful on Logistics Costs

The cost of logistics in Indonesia is trying to get down, many ways done, one of which builds toll roads as infrastructure out of logistics delivery.

Transport observer Djoko Setiyowarno said, for the construction of toll roads in Indonesia can not always lower logistics costs later. Entrepreneurs assess transportation such as train, plane, and ship far more effective compared to using cars that rely on toll roads.

land access is considered too long In use and not many items can be sent. When compared with the train is much faster and able to carry many goods on each carriage.

"Can not always reduce logistics costs. Even many of the passengers on a train and the ship the sea from on the passing land, inefficient because maximum 500 kilometers,  the rest had to transport a large volume." he said.

With the delivery of goods through trains and ships, causing the reduction of logistics drivers with inter city routes. The cost is too expensive to make entrepreneurs switch from land transportation by truck.

"Using boats and trains more efficiently, looking for a hard driver. The first salary of inter city logistics driver can send children to college children. Now it is no different from the driver of public transport. So what are they far away, people do not like too long on the road." said Djoko.