Priok Toll Not Working Expectations

Indonesian President Joko Widodo attended the opening ceremony of the access toll road to Tanjung Priok. The President hopes that the access toll road to Tanjung Priok can accelerate the truck journey carrying goods. In fact toll road which having long 11.4 km not to trim travel truck carrying to and out the tanjung priok.

"If go to the port is more smoothly exactly start jams not from there, when the JORR toll has started to jam and in Cikampek also started to jam.. So when you want to enter or want out Priok course that has been smooth. Not too influential if Priok is smooth, now how to overcome the jam in JORR and Cikampek." Said Chairman of the Logistics Association, Saldi Ilham Masita.

The estimate time can be short for 30 minutes only. However, But the way to toll tanjung priok which started to jam first, plus late in JORR and Jakarta Cikampek toll.

"Maybe we can save only half an hour, not much. Previous trip from Cikarang to Priok three to four hours. It is quite helpful with the Tanjung Priok toll to make the distance to 3.5 hours. So not too much. Congestion precisely in JORR and Cikampek. The line to the Tanjung Priok toll road should be completed quickly. Hopefully in the future, the elevated Cikampek can be quickly finished and used." He said.