Exciting package from BUMN ministry

The Ministry of BUMN will soon develop a new program of package "one price in port", the goal is to lower logistics price at the port. The one price package in this port will apply to the ascending and declining activity of the ship from international routes and only in ports managed by BUMN.

"We want to implement (decline in logistics prices) .Now being compiled, One price for CHC at port managed by BUMN." Said Pontas Tambunan. Pontas Tambunan who served as deputy of Construction Business Ministry of Transportation Facilities and Infrastructure hope, if the price on the logistics will be stabile, Will have an impact on competition and Indonesia will be able to increase competition logistics with other countries.

As an example of what should be known is the cost of raising and lowering goods in Tanjung Priok harbor many complain about these costs, Especially giant CMA-CGM ship from a French company believes the cost of raising and lowering the goods is too high, And when compared with singapore it costs much lower.

"We hope to get down 5% - 7% CHCnya cost. If this can be done, this one price package will be continued for the cost of the truck when exiting the port." said Pontas Tambunan.