Optimize Logistics Structure Increase Competitiveness

The government is working to optimize logistics costs, in order to streamline the delivery of goods and improve competitiveness.

Director of Sea Transportation of the Ministry of Transportation, A. Tonny Budiono admitted at this time, it is looking at the cost structure of each stage of logistics delivery, to see what aspects can be suppressed in terms of these costs.

"The concentration of logistic cost will decrease, so we will see the cost structure of each item, which can be lowered so that the competitiveness will be higher," said Tonny after the meeting at Kemenko Maritim, Central Jakarta, Tuesday April 18, 2017.

Tonny acknowledged, this step is done by the government as a continuation of efficiency and optimization efforts dwelling time, (waiting time of loading and unloading) which today is considered better than ever.

"So, the concentration is not dwelling time anymore, but how, for logistics costs do not go up, it's already 3.2 days (dwelling time) it's good," said Tonny.

When asked what the cost structure can be suppressed from the Ministry of Transportation, Tonny admitted his side also will still conduct a study to find the right formula related to it.

Because, because of some aspects, or items that will be pruned is in fact also related to the interests of other stakeholders (stakeholders) others, so it certainly requires a joint decision.

"We have to look at it first and we will discuss it because it involves other stakeholders as well, so we can not decide on our own If we decide, then other stakeholders refuses, it can not, especially every policy must be discussed by stakeholders, "he said.