This is the Reason for the Importance of Shipping Business in Indonesian Trade

The business of express delivery and logistics in Indonesia is predicted to continue to grow along with the proliferation of e-commerce.

Syarifuddin, Executive Director of Asperindo added, there are two other factors that make the freight industry continues to grow. First, the shipping business will always be there as long as the trade exists.

This is because till now there is no technology that able to move the physical goods from one place to another without an intermediary.

Secondly, the volume of goods shipments in Indonesia is always increased by 14.7% every year. Even last year the value reached Rp 2105 trillion.

"It is almost same as Indonesian’s APBN," he said.

Nevertheless, Indonesia's shipping business is also not free from various obstacles, both in terms of regulation and infrastructure. Feriadi said the various obstacles are quite burdensome business people.

One of them is the cost of an inspection agent or regulated agent (RA). RA assessed the process of reducing logistics costs. He insisted that his party does not want to oppose government policy. However, Asperindo wants the implementation of RA to be re-evaluated and not to hinder the cost efficiency of logistics.

The Minister of Transportation Regulation No. 32/2015 on Cargo Security and Post does not set the upper limit rate, but only down limited cost.

In addition, Asperindo is protesting the increase in RA cost every year since it was first launched in 2010. For example, there is only Rp 350 per-kilogram, raising again Rp 550 per-kilogram upper limit rate.

In addition, Asperindo protest increased costs RA every year since it was launched first in 2010. For example, the only Rp 350 per kilogram, increased over Rp 550 pe- kilogram through upper limit rate.