E-Commerce Become Mainstay Logistics Services In Central Java

E-commerce system (electronic commerce) is increasingly becoming a mainstay for logistics transport service industry in Central Java. This application system is considered to facilitate transactions and reservations online because it provides get and send services. "It would be simultaneously cut operational costs for trading and shipping activities," said Tony Winarno, Chairman of the Association of Indonesian Express Delivery Service Company (ASPERINDO) Central Java.

Tony added that internet technology pushed the digitalization in many sectors and has established ecosystem express process, post and logistics be more complex. " But its challenges was more directing to service businesses including messages for all stakeholders, especially customers,” said Tony. E-commerce in delivery service goods gave the convenience of customers in renew goods being shipped.This has been one of the most potential service the businesses delivery.

One of the logistics industry, Indra Wiralaksmana, from PT Andiarta Muzizat, stated deliberately launched a new innovative social commerce solution called Ninja Easy. "This is a solution for social sellers and sellers through blogs," said Indra. The company's built-in applications can simplify the shipping and payment processes so that sellers can focus on developing their business and save time managing sales administration and profitable buyers.

"It's as an innovative logistics service provider, constantly applying technology and delivering modern solutions that improve the standard of e-commerce," he said. For now, the government itself is more optimistic against e-commerce with target value e-commerce transactions at the level of us $ 130 billion in the year 2020.