The Cost of Cargo Inspection at the Airport is Expensive

The freight forwarder complains about the high cost of inspection of cargo at the airport (regulated agent/RA). Regulated Agent is an Indonesian legal entity conducting business with an air transport business entity for security inspection of cargo and mail items obtaining permission from Dirjen Udara Udara Air.

In response, Chairman of the Association of Cargo and Poster Inspection Company (Appkindo) Adrianto Soejarwo said, related to the cost of service delivery company complained, it will not necessarily raise the cost without a clear basis. "The cost is reasonable considering the examination tools that we use are sophisticated," said Adrianto.

He pointed out, one X-Ray machine costs about USD 450,000. While every RA should have at least two X-Ray machines. In addition, they also have to rent land at the airport on a two-year contract and build their own warehouse. That does not include other cost components such as engine maintenance, airport entrance fees and labor wages with special qualifications.

In addition, to establish a company, the operator is required to deposit capital amounting to Rp25 billion as stipulated in Permenhub No 23/2015. "So as entrepreneurs there are also calculations," he added. Details cost components has also been explained to the entrepreneurs delivery of them Asperindo and ALFI.

Adrian denied allegations that RA operators are only pursuing profits in cargo inspections at airports. He acknowledges that in terms of freight forwarding companies will feel burdened by high costs, but it aims to ensure flight security. "We are not solely looking for profits, but in terms of security we are proven," he said.

He confessed, his side has repeatedly found packets of a shipment containing drugs, bombs assemblies or liquid nitrogen that should not get into the plane. "Not long ago we found 5 kilograms of cannabis," he added. The function of RA itself is regulated in Regulation of the Minister of Transportation No. 153 on 2015 on Cargo Security and Post Transported by Aircraft.