Serious and Interesting Package From The BUMN Ministry

In order to reduce the logistics price at the port, the Ministry of BUMN  is preparing a one-price package program at the port. This applies to ship loading activities on international routes in ports managed by BUMN. This was conveyed by Deputy of Construction and Transportation Infrastructure Business Sector and Ministry. "We want to apply (a drop in logistics prices)." Now it is being prepared, a one-price for CHC in ports managed by BUMN, it is from Pelindo  I to IV," said Pontas Tambunan, Bogor, Friday (4/28/2017).

Pontas continued, this CHC starts from the process of relying on the ship in the port, unloading the container, until it is raised to the top of the truck to be transported out of the harbor. It expects, if the price has stabilized, then Indonesia's logistics competitiveness can increase. For information, previously the loading and unloading costs at the Port of Tanjung Priok, Jakarta, complained by the giant ship CMA-CGM. The French company thinks the cost in Tanjung Priok is higher than in Singapore.

"We hope to lose 5% -7% of CHC cost, and if it is already implemented, the one-price package will continue to the cost of the truck out of the port," said Pontas. As known, the current cost of CHC in Makassar harbor is around USD 70 per-container, In Tanjung Perak Port about USD 83 per container and in Tanjung Priok Port almost USD 90 per-container.