Company Profile

Elang Logstics is a company engaged in the field of courier service for document delivery and Package sizes small to large amounts of (cargo), which has been established since 1998. Based on its often see the need of many companies need to be reliable delivery for the purpose of Foreign Affairs and Home Affairs, then in 2000, in addition to our document and parcel delivery service, we are expanding our service service to handle cargo shipments through air, land and sea, besides we also serve the needs of customers for work on goods moving (moving)

Elang Logistics Network has been reach across Indonesia and overseas and we will give you the ease of sending documents, packages and cargo goods your destination that accurately and safely. And most importantly, offers an affordable price. As "YOUR TRUSTED PARTNER" is our motto, we are determined to provide the best services (Priority Service) to our customers as a top priority.

Assist the government in creating jobs and to create justice, prosperity and well-being in the community and the Republic of Indonesia.


  • Committed to serving the right time with the best security guarantee
  • To be a trusted partner of many companies in the field of courier services