Sea Freight

The services we provide to the users to send packages of goods or documents through the sea. The service is divided into two, namely Normal Express Sea Freight and Sea Freight.

Normal Sea Freight

Normal Sea Freight is a service using the sea lanes of the cargo ship. In this service we have 5 Normal Sea Freight service options are:

Full Container Load (FCL)

This service is a transport services using container berukaran unit D20, D40, etc.

Less than Container Load (LCL)
At this service, the cargo will be transported using container in konsulidasi.

Cargo Brekbulk
Transportation of goods made through these services is done by not wearing container.

Project Cargo
To you who have goods or parcel delivery and large, the project cargo services we provide will transport your goods over the dimensions and require heavy equipment lift equipment.

Vessel Charter
If you need delivery of goods in large quantities, then this service is the solution. We provide transport services by hiring and use of the ship to you that based on the trip (Voyage Charter) or the length of time (Time Charter).

Express Sea Freight
This service is a solution for those who want shipping through sea lanes faster than the Normal service Sea Freight course with a lower price on Air Freight Service.